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The price of a gray card consists of the many parameters. Everyone seems to be totally different and depends on either the region or department, or the State. Regional taxes represent on the average quite ninetieth of the full value you paid once your application. At these regional taxes add further fees.


Every regional tax is totally different counting on the region (hence its name) and no region isn't capable the taxes. However alternative factors area unit taken into consideration for the calculation of your gray card.

First, the amount of horse’s tax. The worth of the regional tax is effectively increased by the business enterprise HP of the vehicle. Thus, if the regional tax is twenty seven euros, the full value of the tax are going to be 27euros * 5hp = one hundred thirty five euros for a vehicle 5HP. and the amount of horses and also the bigger the share of the regional tax increase.

Here is that the table of the last glorious regional taxes.

 Regions               Fee per business enterprise HP

Alsace   36.50

Aquitaine            36.00

Auvergne            45.00

Lower Normandy             35.00

Burgundy            51.00

Brittany                46.00

Center  42.45

Champagne-Ardennes  35.00

Corsica  27.00

Franche-Comté 36.00

Haute-Normandie           35.00

Ile-de-France     46.15

Languedoc-Roussillon    44.00

Limousin              42.00

Lorraine               45.00

Midi-Pyrenees  34.00

Nord-Pas-de-Calais         45.00

Pays American state la Loire        48.00

Picardie                33.00

Poitou-Charentes            41.80

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur      51.20

Rhône-Alpes      43.00

Guadeloupe       41.00

Meeting               39.00

Martinique         30.00

Mayotte              0.00

Some regional taxes receive a reduction for clean vehicles intrinsically. This reduction is passed often by regional councils and thus rely completely on the selection created by the regional council. This discount will go up to 100% of the regional tax, utterly exempting every owner of this quantity. Here is that the exemption quantity, nonetheless were gone the regional councils.

Regions                Exemption rate

Alsace   50.00%

Aquitaine            100.00%

Auvergne            100.00%

Burgundy            100.00%

Center  100.00%

Corsica  100.00%

Franche County                100.00%

Haute-Normandie           50.00%

Ile-de-France     100.00%

Limousin              100.00%

Lorraine               50.00%

Midi-Pyrenees  100.00%

Nord-Pas-de-Calais         100.00%

Pays American state Loire            100.00%

Picardie                50.00%

Poitou-Charentes            50.00%

Rhône-Alpes      50.00%

Guadeloupe       0.00%

But the worth of a license conjointly enclosed further taxes certificate. These taxes area unit personalized and don't seem to be subject to all or any vehicles. Thus, the flat tax (tax Y2) implementation for the actions of skilled coaching within the transport concern transport professionals. It issues all industrial vehicles. Vehicles used for the carriage of products, transit and road tractors.

The tax on the foremost polluting vehicles (tax Y3) has existed since 2004. However this tax that accustomed tax the foremost polluting vehicles was calculated either in step with the speed of emission of dioxide or tax power. However, to encourage consumers to get "clean" vehicles, it had been replaced by the environmental bonus. Thus, rather than paying a fee, drivers can have a bonus défalquera the general value of the gray card.

Tax management (Y4) will solely cowl the value of production of the new or duplicata gray card. This tax has been intercalary since one Jan 2009. This fee is exempt from payment if the most regional tax was conjointly exempt. Therefore clean vehicles that area unit a part of regions having set a 100% exemption on their tax also are exempt from this tax management. If the quantity is fastened and is four euros.

Finally, the Y5 tax is that the routing fee. It’s accustomed finance the cargo of secure fold certificate of registration to the house owners. This fee is usually due. This is often the sole fee you may conjointly pay once you remake one map modification for reasons of modification of address, name or if you request a replica just in case of loss or larceny.

The total quantity of taxes and is intercalary to relinquish you the ultimate value asked for the institution of your grey card. This is often created doable rounded to the closest monetary unit if necessary.

Lilly Hill lives in Burgundy, Noyers with her Polly. She is a writer that enjoys writing short stories, as well as informative articles about duplicate logbook (duplicata carte grise), damaged gray card (carte grise abimée), request a duplicate registration card (demande duplicata carte grise) like . In her free time, she likes to read, visit new restaurants to try new foods, and take walks with close friends in the favorite city.

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